The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Sunday 12 June 2005
St Columba's Church, Stirling
in aid of Start Up

Concert 2005

The Scottish Recorder Orchestra, under the direction of Eileen Silcocks, performed its first public concert in June 2005. The venue was the St. Columba's Church of Scotland in Stirling. The church was built in 1902, a fine example of that period, set in the historic town of Stirling with its fine castle and beautiful surrounding countryside. The Minister, Ken Russell, made us most welcome.

The concert was given to a most appreciative and generous audience. As well as playing the pieces that we had performed at the Scottish Festival (to a captive audience) we added several others. We played the Finale from Dvorak's American Quartet, a piece that is so well known that we couldn't afford to make too many mistakes. We continued with a 20th century work, Variations on a Lothringisches Liebeslied by Walter Rein and Canzon sopra Falt D'Argens by Girolamo Cavazzoni. This music sounded quite angelic in the acoustics of the church. To give both the orchestra and the audience a break, Eileen, Ed Friday and Stuart Forrester delighted everyone with two movements from the Trio Alpine Suite by Benjamin Britten - Swiss Clock and Arrival at Zermatt. The concert was rounded off with a flourish of activity from the orchestra with Peter Warlock's Capriol Suite. This music is well known to recorder players but makes a great party piece for the people listening.

Our audience was a mixture of young and older people and there was a fair sprinkling of children who appeared quite awed by the range of instruments. We hope that such performances will help to extend public enjoyment and appreciation that there is more to playing a recorder than the dreaded beginners school descant. Certainly a number of the audience expressed great interest in the variety and sound of our instruments. It must have been a good experience as we have been asked back!

The concert was given in aid of a local Charity Start Up. This Charity, that represents twenty-one churches from five denominations, has been in existence for ten years. Start Up's function is to help people who are moving from homelessness into tenancy and provides them with some of the basic necessities in a start -up pack. We were very pleased that our wonderful audience donated £245 to the proceeds.

Val Flook, who instigated the organisation of the orchestra, retired from her post. Many thanks to Val for all her hard work and enthusiasm.

Jean Macdonald

Concert programme