The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Sunday 11 June 2006 at 6.00 p.m.
St Columba's Church, Stirling
in aid of Start Up

conductor: Eileen Silcocks


Hassler Ach weh des Leiden

Gabrieli Gloria (in 16 parts)

Steve Marshall Recorder Concerto
solo recorder: Ed Friday

Vivaldi Concerto

Arvo Pärt Pari Intervallo

Dietrich Schnabel Feuer und Eis

Paul Clark Variations on Scarborough Fair


The concert was given in aid of a local Charity, Start Up. This Charity, which represents twenty-one churches from five denominations, has been in existence for ten years. Start Up's function is to help people who are moving from homelessness into tenancy and provides them with some of the basic necessities in a start -up pack. We were very pleased that our wonderful audience donated £245 to the proceeds.

Jean Macdonald