The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Sunday 14 June 2008
St John's Cathedral, Oban

Oban concert     Oban concert

In June, Eileen Silcocks and the Scottish Recorder Orchestra were invited to perform in St. John’s Cathedral, Oban. This was a first for both the Orchestra and the audience as such a group of players had never been heard in Oban. We were made most welcome by the congregation as the players arrived from all the airts on a beautiful June day.

To accommodate our numbers the use of screwdrivers were required for the removal of the front row of pews before we could take up our instruments to rehearse and practice not only our pieces but the complicated musical chairs for certain pieces.

The performance opened with Eileen Silcocks conducting her own composition Serenade written especially for a soloist with accompaniment and Ed Friday, the Leader, played with a skill that enchanted the audience. Palestrina’s Viri Galilei that suited the Cathedral acoustic followed this. In a change of period and style we continued with Blues Variations by Steve Marshall and again in complete contrast the first half of the programme ended with Trombetti’s Ad te Levavi Oculos Meos.

During the interval the audience showed great interest in the range of recorders being mostly unaware of the variety of music and instruments.

After the Interval the orchestra swung into Dietrich Schnabel’s Symphony No.1 in four movements ranging from Adagio to Allegro giusto. This piece was received with great enthusiasm and brought the concert to a rousing finish with an exhausted group of players.

Jean MacDonald

Concert programme