The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Saturday 6 June 2009, Concert, Aberdeen
Sunday 14 June 2009, Open Rehearsal, Stirling    

Over the last few years the Scottish Recorder Orchestra has grown to some 60 members and has now elected a Committee to deal with the process of applying for Charitable status. Dietrich Schnabel of the Dortmund Recorder Consort has joined our resident conductor Eileen Silcocks as a guest conductor. Our Leader is Ed Friday from Aberdeen.

In June 2009 the Orchestra met in Aberdeen and gave a performance at the end of the Scottish Festival. Under Eileen Silcocks the players performed a selection of music from Lassus’s beautiful Tristus est anima mea, Lully’s March and Chaconne, Corelli’s Concerto Grosso No. 4 and Eileen’s flowing composition Fantasia. Then came Fantasia on Burns’ Songs by Marg Hall that had everyone foot tapping. To round off the performance the bass, great bass and contrabass recorders had their moment with a large sonorous Elephant by Saint Saens, arranged by Sheila Richards. The bass section made the most of having ‘the tune’.

The final meeting of the year in Stirling included an Open Rehearsal, allowing friends and people from Stirling to experience a large group of recorder players doing their thing. This was a very successful event as the young people in the audience were impressed by the music and were delighted by the players introducing the larger instruments. Some youngsters couldn’t wait to grow big enough to reach the keys.

It is planned to perform a concert in the 2009-2010 session with a choir and it will be at a venue in Glasgow.

Jean MacDonald

Aberdeen concert programme