The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Musical Director: Ian Wilson

Associate conductors: Dietrich Schnabel, David Powell     Chair: Ingeborg van Knippenberg


We are immensely sad that our founding Musical Director, Eileen Silcocks, died on the 9th of June 2017 after a long illness, bravely borne. She was an inspiring teacher, conductor, composer and player of recorder, viol and cello, well known and loved in Britain and internationally.

She made her last home in Scotland and her presence inspired friends and players to found the Scottish Recorder Orchestra with Eileen as the guiding spirit. She was Musical Director of the SRO since its foundation in 2002 until her death.

Eileen was busy with other groups in the UK and internationally and her friendship with Dietrich Schnabel led to our continuing collaboration with him and with the Dortmund Recorder Consort in Scotland and Germany.

In her last two years she was often unable to conduct but returned when she could and at other times she advised and inspired David Powell who stood in for her.

Orchestra members commemorated Eileen at the final rehearsal of the 2016-2017 season on the 11th of June, conducted by David Powell.

Eileen's website

Eileen Silcocks


Eileen Silcocks conducting