The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

New members are welcome. 

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A good standard of playing and sight-reading is necessary, but auditions are not held. 

If you are in doubt, come and see how you fit in, or contact the Chair, Ingeborg van Knippenberg (email).

There will be opportunities to play the larger instruments. Please note that for reasons of balance and tuning very few descants and sopraninos are used and players for these are selected by the Musical Director. New members are therefore encouraged to play treble and lower instruments. The orchestra has access to several of the larger recorders, including basses, great basses and contrabasses and its own sub-great bass and sub-contrabass recorders, which members are actively encouraged to have a go at playing.

It would be useful if you could email the Treasurer and let us know in advance when you plan to come along to your first rehearsal and the instruments you play. If you decide the Orchestra is for you, then we shall ask you to complete the application form below and pay a subscription.

If you join, remember that attending rehearsals will be a regular commitment. You will need to do some practice at home. If you unavoidably need to miss a rehearsal, please send an apology so that the Musical Director will be able to plan for your absence.

The subscription for 2017-18 is £70 or £30 for students or those on low incomes.

Download the application form MS Word Acrobat

Send the completed form to the Treasurer, Antonia Wilmot-Smith. Email.

If you have other questions, contact our chairman, Ingeborg van Knippenberg.

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