The Scottish Recorder Orchestra

Residential weekend, October 2009


Tulliallan CastleOur October weekend rehearsal was held at Tulliallan, the Scottish Police Training College. The name Tulliallan is a phonetic version of Tulach- Alium meaning a beautiful knoll. The castle, set in magnificent grounds was originally built by Admiral Lord Keith. There we were held under suspicion for making a great deal of music! Eileen Silcocks and our associate conductor Dietrich Schnabel led the band of players in a great mixture of pieces that included:

P. Buttall (arr. S. Marshall): The Lone Ar-ranger
A. Davis: Elf
G. Holst: Suite for Military Band
S. Marshall: Symphony Nr. 3
S. Marshall: Concertino for Contrabass
H. Praetorius: Ecce Dominus veniet
D. Schnabel: Traumgesichte

Contrabass ConcertinoThe most memorable music for many of us, was the Concerto for contrabass that set us all swinging, clapping and foot tapping. Dietrich’s Traumgesichte was in complete contrast; it was not just a wonderful combination of notes but a complete musical and emotional experience.

A little light relief was provided with an ad hoc competition to define the meaning of GP in a score. The favourite suggestion being “Go to the Pub”. Talking of which we did relax in the evenings in the bar, amidst much discussion, laughter and packets of crisps.

Jean Macdonald

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